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Mad Joker Racing is a family-owned operation out of Buda TX.

With a long history in motorsports ranging from NHRA, IHRA, Offshore boats, Sprint cars, Endurance racing, and even some mud bog drags- racing fuel runs through our veins!

We now focus our competitive efforts in the Trans Am series as it provides an incredible level of competition at some of the best facilities North America has to offer.

Why Trans Am TA2?

The Trans-Am series is quickly growing and reaching some of the best tracks in North America. TA2 racing displays American muscle cars utilizing the body styles of Mustangs, Camaros, and Dodge Challengers. TA2 Racing is cost effective while providing extremely high performance. We receive CBSSN television coverage and massive growth on social media platforms. Trans-Am is controlled by the SCCA Pro sanctioning body, offering a respected event platform. The SCCA member base is one of the most concentrated groups of automotive enthusiasts in North America, and is immediately accessible through the Trans-Am platform.

a g i l i t y

Why Trans Am XGT?

The Trans Am Series presented by Pirelli added a new production-based class to its thriving line-up for the 2020 season. Slotted between the Trans Am and TA2 powered by AEM classes, the new Xtreme GT (XGT) class will be focused on 2016 and earlier FIA GT3 machines that are no longer eligible to race in other professional series. The new Xtreme GT class entries will use advanced aerodynamic parts as homologated into the original FIA GT3 specification, boasting a higher level of downforce than is utilized in the SuperGT and GT class machines in Trans Am competition. The XGT class being added to the Trans Am series provided a place for the best factory- built race cars in the world to continue competing. These cars are super-fast, have huge downforce and run some of the quickest lap times of any GT cars in the world. They are exciting for people to watch and typically are fan favorites.

S t a m i n a

Trans Am Fan Experience

SCCA offers a very respected & experienced event platform. The Trans-Am Series is rooted in the firm commitment to provide an accessible, fan-friendly environment. Every ticket to a Trans-Am event allows access to the paddock, giving fans the opportunity to meet drivers, see the cars, and experience Trans-Am up close. Each event also includes opportunities such as autograph sessions, fan walks, parade laps, and driver interviews; making a great experience for fans!

Mad Joker Racing

Marc is the talented driver behind Mad Joker Racing who gets an adrenaline rush everytime his tyres hit the asphalt. He lives for shoulder-to-shoulder track battles where anything can happen- and winner takes all.


Keep up with the Mad Joker… if you can!